12 Crazy Things to Do in Vegas

Buffalo Bill's in Primm

Maybe you would like to give roller coaster riding a chance, but you surely never have had experienced anything like the Turbo Drop at Buffalo  Bill’s.  With a nosedive that goes from 255 feet high above the ground, you will definitely be in for a wild and crazy time.

Meet a Hooker and Befriend Them

You can always engage in a bit of chit-chat with a street hooker, get to know their stories, and once time’s up, you can just seal the deal with the right going rate.


Head to Tao Beach and go topless

If you are looking for a complete sense of freedom and liberation, go topless while swimming at the Venetian’s Tao Beach.

Caesars Palace for Big Shopping

Looking for a way to exhaust your credit card? Shop at the Forum Shops, where you can find a lot of the designer brands waiting for your purchasing.

Richard Petty Rookie Driving Experience

Located at the Motor Speedway, you can try your hand and race the circuit like you were a professional NASCAR driver.  Such an experience is sure to rev you up big time.


However, if you would like to go even higher, maybe you should give the Sky Jump a try as well.  Located at the Stratosphere, this will surely shake your nerves, knowing that you will be free falling from 108 stories above ground.