13 Of The Weirdest Plates You Probably Didn't Know Existed

This one isn't completely bizarre, though its pretty dangerous.How about not inviting us to inevitably burn our hands next time?

If you are used to eating on a normal round plate, you know? The one's the entire human race has been using since forever? You probably wouldn't like the idea of eating on something else. Like on top of a meteor rock for example. If you've eaten at a posh gourmet restaurant but are used to eating at fast food joints or home cooked meals, you know that they bring out the weirdest things for you to eat. These restaurants brought the whole weird thing to a whole-nother level. And some of them aren't even gourmet!

This.The flat cap gives away the secret ingredient – head sweat.



You're food having lunch.Show no mercy on these beings happily feeding on themselves.


Must be superman's favorite. Since everything on this dish came from outer-space too.


When they say Botanist, they mean Botanist.


7. Steak knives are about to become obsolete soon, just like the plates.