15 Amazing Places To Spend New Year's

Las Vegas

Its the last day of the year, and you're waiting for the clock to strike 12. Where do you plan to be? Will you be at the same place where you spent it last year? Or will you put a stamp to 'starting the new year fresh' by actually spending it at a place where you literally haven't  been to and which makes you feel like starting anew?

All around the world, the common denominators of spending new years are glorious food, drinks, parties and fireworks. But that good ol’ cultural fusion gives spice to it all and makes the experience cozy and complete. And these are some of those beautiful places where they celebrate it just ever so beautifully.

Las Vegas? Come on. You know why.

New York City – New York

A million people, a huge 12-foot glittering ball filled with confetti and a spectacular pyrotechnic show. Just WOW.