“Come here and rub my belly.”

This tiger’s ready for a tickling and isn’t afraid to admit it. Okay, we’ll oblige you and actually scratch your tummy until you start shaking your leg. Just promise us one thing — don’t eat us alive, okay?

Nothing but paradise.

When you’re surrounded by such majestic beauty, of course you’d want to bask in all its goodness as much as possible. The same is the case for this grizzly bear. To him, nothing is as peaceful as the environment he’s in, and he’s all too willing to strike a pose for it.

Just chilling out.

It’s poses like these that make us wonder if animals actually think like we do. This just reeks of contemplation and reflection in abundance. It sure doesn’t help the fact that this is a mere animal we’re talking about, and it’s just having a ball looking like it’s deep in retrospect over things.

“Come get a piece of this.”

Alright, we love bunny rabbits. We don’t care if they screw around a lot, even more than we could ever hope to with many women in a week. However, that butt and that furry cotton tail are all we need to want to grab it and cradle it in our arms.

Lean back.

It looks like this koala bear’s got a bit of the Tarzan complex, judging from his pose. He’s definitely looking to attract the ladies, and it seems like he’s actually succeeding too. So much confidence brewing out of this little guy, that’s for sure.

Still better than you.

When you’ve got a pair of iguanas striking a pose that’s a lot sexier than you could ever do, you know there’s something wrong with the world. These guys got so much swag, it’s already overkill. Oh yeah, show me that attitude, you two.