Quietly judging you.

“So, tell me what’s bugging you. Are you not pleased with the way your life is going right now? Interesting, please do tell me more. Oh, me? I’m living my life to the fullest. Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?”

Showing off the pecs.

Okay, that’s it. This kangaroo’s clearly showing off those muscles. We can’t even work this pose properly without being ridiculed. We wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being on the front page of a nudie magazine and selling copies on a record breaking basis.

“So, tell me who’s the cute one again?”

Okay, this kitty certainly knows how to charm hearts everywhere. This pose is just too endearing to be ignored, and we can’t but gush all over it. The only thing lacking is this cool cat actually giving us a wink. If that happens, we’re totally sold on the adorability factor.

Too cute!

Taking an unassuming position, this kitty’s looking to up the ante on the charm. Of course, the last thing we expect is the tongue sticking out. As that happens, we just started going red in gushing, wanting to grab him and give him a tight hug.

"I need a drink.”

This is the typical boredom pose that we often do. However, this chubby and fluffy kitty makes it look like he’s deep in contemplation. Probably reflecting on past experiences? All those moments of gloom and emo-ness? Okay, we need a drink just as much as this guy.

Oh, you like this?

Seriously, the only thing that’s lacking in this picture is this pooch actually twerking. Look at that ass, and how he’s just flaunting it. He knows he’s cute and isn’t ashamed of it at all, so kudos to him.