Lean back.

It looks like this koala bear’s got a bit of the Tarzan complex, judging from his pose. He’s definitely looking to attract the ladies, and it seems like he’s actually succeeding too. So much confidence brewing out of this little guy, that’s for sure.

Still better than you.

When you’ve got a pair of iguanas striking a pose that’s a lot sexier than you could ever do, you know there’s something wrong with the world. These guys got so much swag, it’s already overkill. Oh yeah, show me that attitude, you two.

Legs up!

Nothing speaks of comfort and bliss more than this king of the jungle right here. He just seems to be having a ball rolling around on the ground, and is all too glad to pose for the camera. Let’s not tick him off, though, unless we want to wind up being on the ground, bloody and mauled.