15 of the Worst Knock-Off Brands in Existence


We’ve seen good knock-offs, the ones which make it hard for you to tell the difference between what’s fake and what’s legitimate. We give major proper to those manufacturers who surely know their craft. We wouldn’t be surprised if they did end up working for the actual companies they’re ripping off in the long run. These, however, aren’t even trying to convince you that they’re legit. You just might get a kick out of the names they had to come up with.

When we see this brand, we don’t immediately think of liquor. Sure, they’ve ripped off Johnny Walker Black Label, but come on, couldn’t you have thought of anything better? Red Labial sounds like a woman on her period, to be honest. That’s certainly something we wouldn’t want to drink.

Great value… Really?

It’s bad enough that you’ve had to use a brand like that. It also doesn’t help matters that you’ve got two different products with practically the same look for their containers. What are the chances you might mistake one for the other and accidentally get poisoned, eh?