15 Plastic Surgeries That Went Horribly Wrong

Talking about an allergic reaction

She wanted a nose lift but all she got was this. She can still breathe, if you’re asking. You can definitely see her face gasping for air. A medic must be definitely on sight in case this woman passes out. Plastic surgery had changed the looks of people around the world. From boob jobs, to nose lifts and botox, there are so many possibilities in plastic surgery. Some are afraid to age, some just want enhancements and some just want to follow the trend. But whatever it is, we only hope that the surgery that they will undertake will suit their faces and bodies. But, there are some who did not expect that plastic surgery will ruin their faces. Here are the 15 worst make overs that will change your outlook towards plastic surgery

Did a bee sting her? Of course not! This is again one of those plastic surgery mishap that created a monster. You cannot even tell if she is smiling or what. I think it is time to give this woman a piece of our mind to tell her that this is outrageously ugly.

Barbie gone wrong

She tried to look like Barbie but I think this something scarier than a doll. She shaved too much brows and those thick lips just finished that face off. This changed the definition of being a dumb blonde. And those laser eyes are really there to look at you, SCARY!