Too much lips there

I don't know what's going on in this world. But, thick lips are definitely the craze right now. It's trending, even celebrities are going crazy about thick lips. So, if you're crazy as she is, then go try have a thick lip operation.

Is that an apple on her mouth?

OMG! There are so many scary things in this world and this is one of them. The apple, I mean the lips (sorry about that), can definitely sink a thousand ships. Of course, the good thing here is that she has a unique look that nobody would dare to copy. Way to go sister, for having that apple, I mean lips (sorry again), made over.

This is a "she."

Even the most beautiful faces can turn into this once they had a plastic surgery. This is definitely one of those make overs gone wrong, and maybe the worst. Every inch of her face composes a monster. Even a ghost would definitely run if it sees a face like this.

Because thick lips are in

Another thick lip craziness that captured the eyes of women today. I mean having thick lips is really scary. How can you look at the mirror looking like that? How can you spend so much to look like that? How long will you be crazy to think this is something pretty?

Look surprised?

When she looked in the mirror, she definitely had an "O" moment. Those lips can really be popped. I mean how long can her lipstick last. With those lips of hers, I'm betting a stick would last for a day.

Aaaaaaahhhh! Run for your lives!

This is definitely one of those nightmares that may have happened in real life. From a face lift and extra botox, she really transformed into something that a boogeyman would be like. I don't how long can she stand to look at herself in the mirror. Not that long, I think.