20 Cheap Tips And Tricks To Posh Up Your Restroom

Reuse a reclaimed window as a medicine cabinet.Steps here.

The restroom, next to or more than the bedroom, is an area in the house where we think or ponder our existence most. Okay – well maybe not our entire existence. But most of the time for most people, we make a lot of decisions inside this room, may it be while in the shower, brushing your teeth, or even while taking a number 2. Admit it. And that isn't even all that the room does for you. It freshens you up making sure you look glam for the day ahead and it relaxes you when you've had a long day, for the most part. What we're trying to point out is, the restroom functions beyond the toilet bowl and shower than you care to know (unless you love your restroom already). And we think poshing up your restroom wouldn't hurt, actually improving your environment giving you a more fresh, relaxing and even a more sophisticated vibe! Wouldn't it be nice to come home, take a dip in the bathtub and just stare at how good looking your restroom is?! We've gathered a few tips and tricks to transform your restroom, into the best room in the house!

Give your mirror a make-over by adding a brightly colored frame!Surprisingly easy but surprisingly effective!



Add some plants that don't require too much sunlight as a natural purifier.See the genius idea here


DIY glass top storage space for cosmetic and accessories visibility like no other!Steps here.


A DIY pebble bathmat is A MUST.An instant spa experience! Tutorial here:


Best toilet holder. Ever.Raaaaaaawr!