20 Creative Alternate Uses For Ikea Products That Will Surely Surprise You

That from a floor mat. YEAP.Full instructions at Retropolitan.

Geometric mobile made out of straws Add gold spray paint and, WOW. Instructions here at Brittany Makes.



This is cute. Don't deny it. A couch caddy made from a Toga place mat and some Njuta slippers. Learn how at Instructables.

Transform your Borrby lantern into a mini succulent garden!Instructions at The Surprise-aholic.

IKEA made it this far, becoming the world's largest furniture store, by providing a large catalog of cheap, quality, and easy to construct furniture. It is said that almost 10% of the current European population was conceived on one of their beds! Fun facts aside, almost everyone in the western hemisphere (okay, and some in the eastern too) probably has a piece of IKEA furniture lying about at their house. While some people are happy to simply store magazines in their Knuff, the creative few have found that it also works great as a fairly stylish tabletop! Check out more creative alternate uses for your IKEA products that will surely surprise you!

Play with Losjön hangers and twine to hang your kids artwork. Full instructions can be found at Mommo Design.

This has got to be one of the most creative candle-holders you will ever be able to create.Learn how at the Bambula.