20 Mind Shattering Celeb Doppelgangers

Zooey Deschanel & Katy Perry


Roselyn Sanchez & Nicole Scherzinger



Javier Bardem & Jeffery Dean Morgan


Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) & Will Ferrell

Ever wished you were a star? And ever wished you had a twin? Well guess what, some people actually do have it all. Dopplegangers have been prevalent in history through literature, paintings and now mainstream media. What once was a dark omen for bad times to come, is now a funny little show to go by. And a rare one at that – or so we thought. It seems like these dopplegangers aren't actually that rare, given that there are well over just a few of them in Hollywood! These similarities are just amazing!

Rachel Bilson & Nora Zehetner


Victoria Justice & Nina Dobrev