20 Signs Made By Hilarious People

The force awakens! Click arrow to see the next sign with some bacon on the side.

But thanks to their being bored, we are now provided with a quick 5 minutes of laughter. Because these are just hilarious! Signs are everywhere. Some big, some small, some creative, some not-so-creative, some filled with lights, some so dark makes you wonder how it’s even a sign, some are already funny while some are just waiting to be converted and transformed into hilarious pieces of comedy! We always get a kick about being a rebel in the society. Being a badass and sticking your gum underneath that bench. Or not following the rules at the local convenience store by overflowing the slurpee. But these people seem like they were just bored out of their creative wits. Probably. And thank goodness they were! THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY FUNNY!



What a fairly well protected neighborhood.

T. HANKS very much!


Innocent, I dare say!