21 Times “The Sims” Gave You Belly Laughs

13.)  It’s all about the D.

You’ve got to hand it to the Sims players.  They really know how to come up with some insanely hilarious shit.  Oh, you know, like naming their character Penis.  The options are just too good to resist.

)  The problem for many.



)  Glitch-free, you say?

Hey, it’s a computer game.  It’s not going to be entirely perfect despite the several patches it’s already got available for downloading.  You’re bound to see some pretty weird errors like this.  Somebody call for an ambulance already.

)  Well, isn’t that appropriate?

A game like the Sims really does lead to some rather unexpected encounters at times.  You’re only looking to get some action in the bedroom.  The next thing you know, you’re already making babies without any intention of doing so.  Oh, if we could only say “oops” in real life too.

) The stuff we deal with every day.

Yeah, you expect something to happen at a specific time. While waiting, you go do other more important stuff.  Once you’re done with them, it still hasn’t happened yet.  Sims, how could you be so accurate with our plights in real life?

)  Isn’t this romantic?

There is absolutely no doubt there is a large community of gamers around the world who just can’t seem to get enough of the Sims franchise.  Think about it, how else can you play as practically a god who is in control of the lives of several avatars living their lives and going about routines, or even getting a little crazy at times?  It sure does teach you about managing people the right way, all in fun and laughter.  We do stress those two out, though, especially with the following: