21 Times “The Sims” Gave You Belly Laughs

Randomize is just one of those neat features which could give you the ability to make anything look like nothing you’d ever thought possible.  The same goes for this horse.  Who’d have thought you’d end up riding something that looks like a Power Ranger reject?  Oh the misery of it all.

)  Welcome to the flock.

We all love first time experiences.  That’s especially true for a game like The Sims.  When you invite a friend over to try it out for themselves, they’ll just probably get addicted to it. All for the most unexpected reasons too, by the way.


)  Even Death needs some salmon.

What, you just expect the Grim Reaper to take your life immediately?  Hell no, he needs to get some grub on first.  Besides, even Death needs to have a snack or two before getting back to killing duties.  Give him a break.

20.)  Got to steer clear of the popo.

It sure does look like a lot of women these days share the same sentiment.  You can go for a douchebag but so long as he’s good looking, you’ll tolerate it.  Such a great path to logic you ladies are walking there.  Oh yeah, we’re just talking about the Sims indeed, nothing more.

)  All you need to succeed.

It’s strange that the Sims makes you feel that anything is possible.  Yet, remember that it’s only a video game.  Having the ability to play chess in utmost seriousness isn’t going to be enough to give you a hospital job.  Or is it?  Care to try it out for yourself?

)  Bestiality game is so strong.

Remember what we said about anything being possible in the Sims?  Yes, that even includes mating with someone who is practically half-dog.  Once that happens, and you decide to make a bun in the oven, don’t be surprised with how your offspring looks.  It was destiny waiting to happen.