21 Times “The Sims” Gave You Belly Laughs

) It’s like a mirror.

Well, isn’t this appropriate?  Heck, at this rate, we don’t even care about becoming actual Sims anymore.  Thanks for talking to our innermost layers there.  We’ll just gladly lead ourselves out the door, thank you very much.

)  Too close to the chest.

The Sims really does reflect reality, doesn’t it?  It’s kind of weird to have to find yourself doing the exact same things your avatars do.  The next thing you know, you realize you’re living in the Matrix.  Even worse, Skynet has already taken over.


23.) In your own world.

You can just imagine actual people doing this in real life.  Only those who get the joke will be laughing their butts off.  If it was only this easy to relay your feelings to someone.  You wouldn’t have to worry about being tongue tied anymore, simply because you sound like it and still come off as romantic.

) Her and every other modern mother.


21.) Anything DOES happen.


)  High expectations unmet.

Well, isn’t that just great?  You expect someone to do their job, and what happens next?  They die right in front of you, all without living up to their part of the deal.  Talk about living an unfair life, right?