)  All you need to succeed.

It’s strange that the Sims makes you feel that anything is possible.  Yet, remember that it’s only a video game.  Having the ability to play chess in utmost seriousness isn’t going to be enough to give you a hospital job.  Or is it?  Care to try it out for yourself?

)  Bestiality game is so strong.

Remember what we said about anything being possible in the Sims?  Yes, that even includes mating with someone who is practically half-dog.  Once that happens, and you decide to make a bun in the oven, don’t be surprised with how your offspring looks.  It was destiny waiting to happen.

)  You don’t say?

Really?  You’re saying that you’re mad?  Aren’t you the one spending all this time playing the Sims?  Shouldn’t you be looking at the mirror some time and really getting to the source of your friends’ frustrations too?

13.)  It’s all about the D.

You’ve got to hand it to the Sims players.  They really know how to come up with some insanely hilarious shit.  Oh, you know, like naming their character Penis.  The options are just too good to resist.

)  The problem for many.


)  Glitch-free, you say?

Hey, it’s a computer game.  It’s not going to be entirely perfect despite the several patches it’s already got available for downloading.  You’re bound to see some pretty weird errors like this.  Somebody call for an ambulance already.