Australian Slang That Makes You Go WTF

)  You fart and spew crap out of it.  Yes, it’s your butt hole.

People say that, apart from the accents, Australia isn’t that much different from other first world countries like England or the United States of America. For a start, they’ve got all sorts of unique foods and snacks that aren’t to everybody’s tastes, and we’ve seen videos of Americans try them out to a bit of displeasure and disappointment too.  However, other differences include how they say things.  Australians have a slang of their own, and if you ever do get to visit the country down under, you just might want to get used to these terms if you want to understand the language of the locals.

)  Take a chug of this if you want to get drunk (read: alcohol).


)  If you hear good news, you’re pretty stoked (pleased).

)  This is what you call bottle shops, apparently.

)  If you want to go to the beach for a nice dip in the waters, you’ll be wearing this, which is otherwise known as a swimsuit.


)  This one’s pretty easy to figure out, especially if you’ve got a wallet full of it (money).