Elbow-locking with the bride and groom enjoys the "cushion"

This photo would’ve been hilarious if it wasn’t so darned terrifying. The first thing you’d be looking at is the elephant glaring at the soon wedded couple and once you’re staring at what it’s staring at, you’ll only then realize that the bride seems intent on murdering the groom. We’re hoping someone stands and object during the ceremony to save this poor man.

When the in-law literally mean it when they said they'll be watching you!

Horror stories about in-laws are as expected as peanut butter going with jelly, you try your best to not let it happen but there you go! This is the photo of every couple’s first years. With the look on those parents’ face, you know this wedding is going to be a hard one through and through.

When the bride is not all smiles and it's because of her husband

Frankly, we’re not sure what to say about this picture actually. This bride is in utter horror that her husband took his pants off during reception and showed off his customized undies. And the parents had no problem to help him show it off.

Everyone is too drunk. See the kid can't find his shoe!

Kids will be kids and that’s totally okay, however this photo is really something and we’re not even talking about the little Peeping Tom. That woman looking at us like she’s about to devour our souls is one thing and there’s the kid who seems like he’s not sure what is going on. This photo is seriously a mess.

Photographers have an odd way to take photos

We’re sincerely hoping there’s a joke somewhere that we don’t know about. Otherwise, we’re not sure who thought that this was a very good idea for a wedding photo. Bathroom photos are usually reserved for the most gratuitous of selfies.

Mom is having fun too! A lot of fun obviously

Yes, we understand you’re trying to be the “cool mom” but it just doesn’t work like that. It’s weird, and we’re trying our best right now not to cringe at this very moment. This is embarrassing and if I was a guest, I would quietly leave the reception and just hope none of my picture was taken during the reception.