Only in Japan – Get Ready for A Culture Shock

)  Considering that the Japanese are hygiene nuts, it’s no surprise they have toilet slippers.


)  Who wouldn’t doors that automatically open?  Inhospitable people, we guess.

Japan is definitely a country that thrives on innovations, although there are many traditions which are continuously practiced to this day which may also seem rather unusual for foreigners.  If you ever decide to take a trip to the land of the Rising Sun, you just might find yourself in a whole new world of discovery.  This is because there are many things which most people wouldn’t be seeing or experiencing in their daily lives back in their home countries.  If you’re looking for a nice change of scenery, Japan’s got that and a whole lot more, such as the following.


)  Square watermelons are always a treat to look at.  Unfortunately, that’s all you can ever do…  Look at them, for they’re not meant to be eaten.


)  An Otooshi is a side dish that is served in many Japanese restaurants right before the main course.  One can refuse it, since it is given on the house.


)  Dekotoras, or decorated trucks, are everywhere in Japan.  Fun times for Transformers geeks.


) If you’ve always wanted to feel safe inside a room that reminds you of a spaceship, capsule hotels are the way to go.