Prom Isn't Prom Without These!

The envy of every guy in the room

It’s that time of the year where every high school senior is looking forward to getting lucky or even just enjoying the final days of their times together before they embark to bigger, better and greener pastures in college life.  Yes, prom is coming up soon.  The ladies may be going around with their shopping buddies to find themselves such wonderful dresses to steal the spotlight and the guys are also off to looking their most dapper with fine suits. 

However, since it’s going to be the last year of fun and excitement for seniors, there’s no telling what could happen or how things are going to go along.  In such cases, you just might want to check out these pictures so you would have an idea of what to expect.  Whether it be hilarious or disastrous, you are sure to make prom night a memorable experience for years to come.

The Mary Poppins Effect

What does this photo remind you of? You're right Mary Poppins! Who could ever forget that iconic umbrella and the amazing ability to fly with it?

But so sorry to break your hearts, the dude meant more than just showing off his Mary Poppins abilities in the photo. Would you believe us when we tell you that this is his ingenious way to dump his date?