Since when did Two-Face ever go to prom

According to the latest available stats, the ratio of men to women is estimated to be at 1.014:1. This ratio is as of 2014, and we're talking about the world. So yes, it's not surprising if there are school experiencing scarcity of guys for prom dates.

We have to hand it to this fella. He was so considerate that he took two girls to the prom with him. What's even more impressive is his attempt to coordinate his outfit with both ladies. Way to go, boy!

Hurt her and I will hurt you too

Because she will always be Daddy's little girl. So that means you will always have her Daddy watching you.

It's quite typical for the boy to pick-up his date from her house. Then of course, the parents will be there to send off their daughters. Every boy already expects a sort of pep talk from the Dad. But an encounter with THIS DAD? Good luck!

A family affair indeed

They say that it's much better to be the eldest sibling. Why? Because when you go to prom, you won't have an older brother or sister intimidating your date.

This photo is priceless! Awww, his little sisters are helping him out. But wait, little sisters are very protective of their big brothers. So yeah, you get what we mean right? Good luck!

Don’t mess with the daddy

Yes, Daddy's little princess is so confident that no guy would dare mess with her heart. Why? Because Daddy will always be there not with one, but two long firearms in case that ever happens.

Seriously boy, why the surprise? Oh come one, you think it'd be that easy to date such a pretty girl?

Checking you out

Bah humbug