"The Shining” DVDs optional

Most people would say that this photo gives them the eerie vibe. Some might even say that it reminds them of 1980 horror film, "The Shining". Well, does it?

Let us not judge a book by the cover here. Who knows -- perhaps they intentionally wanted to come to prom as a unicorn and pony? Likewise, maybe the prom's theme was something like err a Midsummer's Night Dream?

Boybands from the 80’s are making a comeback

The 1980s was also known for bright colors and playful styles of clothes. But boy bands? No, not really. The 80s saw popular rock acts though.

So perhaps these guys wanted to fuse the boy band concept with the fashion of 1980s. Yes we know they look absolutely ridiculous. But hey, they nailed the coordinated outfits!