Prom Isn't Prom Without These!

Boybands from the 80’s are making a comeback

The 1980s was also known for bright colors and playful styles of clothes. But boy bands? No, not really. The 80s saw popular rock acts though.

So perhaps these guys wanted to fuse the boy band concept with the fashion of 1980s. Yes we know they look absolutely ridiculous. But hey, they nailed the coordinated outfits!

YOLO with Han Solo

Truth be told, every girl has a dream date. Who would you take to prom? For starters, you'd want someone who you'd be able to have a good time with. Likewise, you want someone who'll make you the envy of every girl there, or at least someone who'll get everyone's attention.

Going to prom with Han Solo? Why not! Sometimes, taking a life size cardboard cutout would be better than to spend the night with a date that you don't like. Right?

Drowning in your love

Love is in the air when it's prom season. Sometimes, too much love that you literally might drown?

We will let this photo speak for itself. Queue music please, and everybody sing: "Every time I try to rise above. I'm swept away by love. Baby I can't help it. You keep me drowning in your love."