It was literally anything goes during Woodstock. If you were there, your creativity and resourcefulness would surely be put to the test in terms of sleeping quarters. While those that have their own cars or bikes slept in (or rather on) their ride, there were some people who slept on the ground (sleeping mat or no sleeping mat).

Again, it was a rainy weekend. If you didn't have a tent, then a sheet of plastic as your make-shift roof would be better than nothing, right? Don't ask us what they're doing under there. We will let you take a wild guess.

Anything Goes at Woodstock

Woodstock was a league of its own. Everything was all music, hype, and fun. Yes, it was crazy but in a good kind of crazy. It was indeed a festival of music and art.

Well speaking of art, care to use your creative skills in interpreting these signs? No one quite knows who put these up. But we're sure you can go figure where each sign leads to.

Another notable thing that makes Woodstock unique is that the fun is not just in watching performances of big names in the music industry. The fun is also with the crowd you're with.

Hundreds of people traveled with their own musical instruments. Yes, you could just imagine the vibe of the venue when perfect strangers come together and play great music alongside each other. Now this is one of the reason why Woodstock was indeed a four days of peace and music.

Cliche as it sounds but yes, Woodstock was sex, drugs, and rock n' roll to some extent. If there was a whole lot of beer, yes there was also a whole lot of marijuana to come along.

But mind you, not everyone who went to Woodstock smoked marijuana. That's why tents like the one you're seeing in the photo is just one of many places put up by concert goers themselves. In these tents, you can freely share marijuana and life stories with others.

No, marijuana wasn't legal back then. There were local state laws against it, and the laws did not make an exception just for Woodstock. There were several people arrested for smoking marijuana. But then again, the crowd was just too big and the area was just to wide for the police to totally cover.

So Woodstock was one of those places were you could freely smoke marijuana. But what we said a while ago, it doesn't mean that the authorities didn't arrest anyone at Woodstock for smoking joint. There are indeed some states that legalized the smoking of marijuana in public but New York was definitely not one of them.

Though to some extent the State of New York does allow marijuana usage in line with the standards that are medically safe, the New York laws on marijuana still remains intact. Sadly, the police force deployed to Woodstock was not enough given such a massive audience. This explains why not everyone got arrested.

Shelter? Not really. Obviously, there's more offered here than just shelter. Well, there's a good conversation in the package, and of course, marijuana and whatever high feeling that goes with it.

Apart from the violation of state laws with regard to marijuana, there hasn't been any alarming incident reported during Woodstock. Unless of course, you'd consider the scene stealing move on stage by Abbie Hoffman as an incident.

Well there were the two reported cases of death and the other two of birth at Woodstock, it's been said that about eight women had miscarriages. Well given the gravity of such event, Woodstock wasn't a place for a pregnant woman in the first place.

Though it has been confirmed that there were two births at that time, no one to date has yet stepped up to claim the title of "Woodstock baby". So until then, the identities of those individuals (who are nearing their 50s by now) still remain unknown. Oh yes, admittedly, lots of babies were conceived during Woodstock too.