This is Bill Gates. A very happy Bill Gates. He is obviously so happy to show off the CD-ROM.

Who doesn't know Bill Gates? Yup, the business magnate who happens to be the richest person in the world! Well to start not many people know that his full name is actually William Henry Gates III and "Bill" is just his nickname.

CD-ROM is an acronym that stands for Compact Disc Read-Only Memory. It's basically a CD that can be read by a computer through its optical drive. This particular photo was taken in 1994 -- a fruitful year for Microsoft.

In that very year, a number of products on CD-ROM were released for MAC and Windows. It includes the 1994 Edition of Encarta, Cinemania 1994, Bookshelf 1994, Windows Sound System 2.0, and Office 4.2 for Windows, among many more.

Oh no, he's not sick. He's not on drugs either. This is what you will actually look like if you've been exposed to tons of laughing gas.

Laughing gas technically isn't any laughing matter. It's got health hazards. Too much exposure to it can cause mental and manual impairment, oxygen deprivation, vitamin B12 deficiency, and infertility among many others. What we're trying to say is -- too much of it can actually kill ya!

Scientifically known as nitrous oxide, it is a chemical compound that's colorless. It's an odorless gas which is non-flammable. Nitrous oxide has a handful of medical uses. It has potent analgesic and anaesthetic effects.

Yes, we know it is something that must be taken seriously. But you might wonder, why do they call it laughing gas? Well, inhaling it gives you what they refer to as a "euphoric effect". It's that kind that dulls your awareness and gives you that calming effect to that point that something you end up with a giddy feeling that eventually leaves you laughing.