The Best Pranks You Can Ever Pull of on April Fools’ Day

) That’ll make you crap your pants even more.


)  This isn’t a prank, this is a disappointment.

It’s that time of the year when everyone decides to get a little loony and just have a ball with whatever kind of sense of humor they got to pull off something totally wicked on their friends and relatives.  Yes, April 1st has arrived, and it is high time that you got some laughs going with a few pranks that will surely get people scratching their heads.  However, you can always take it up several notches with regard to creativity, much to the point that your victims will never forget what you did to them, for better or worse.  Here are a few ideas for the insanity that goes on in your heads.


)  Ever wonder what it felt like to taste like chicken broth?


)  Good luck getting past this hallway.


)  Let them sit on you then wait for the perfect moment to strike…. Just not in rush hour, we hope.


)  Candy apples?  How about caramel onions instead?