Meet Mexico's hottest and sexiest (forgive the double positive, we just want to emphasize the fact that she sizzles) weather girl. But wait, she's not only the weather girl, she is also a meteorologist! Talk about beauty and brains, huh?

Yanet Garcia is only 26 years old. Not surprisingly, she’s a model too! As expected, she's got an army of followers on social media. Just a couple of days ago, she celebrated 4 million followers on Instagram. She’s so famous that her weather reports are view-able on YouTube (yup, she's got a channel with also millions of followers).

One more thing, expect the temperature to rise if you do decide to check out her social media accounts. Why? Oh nothing really, just the fact that nearly half of her photos show off her "assets". Yeah, talk about hot weather there.


This Canadian talented journalist and meteorologist is a well-known media personality. She wouldn’t just stop at being a weather girl. She’s also an actress and has starred in movies. Despite her popularity, both in the media and social media, she managed to live a very private personal life. It’s good that we are able to see her daily on the small screen!