Jackie Guerrido originally hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She later moved to Bronx, NY. Jackie is 44 years old and her career in the media started when she was discovered after doing a voice-over. From doing voice-overs, she later on became a co-host a radio program. Later on, Univision took her aboard.

Jackie is single. Well, she is single now. She used to be married to famous Puerto Rican rapper, Don Omar. She had two sons with Don Omar (her sons are now teenagers).

She may be famous for being the one of hottest weather girls of America, and yes, she's also known for her chic taste in fashion. But most people don't know that she’s also a businesswoman. Sometime in 2013, she announced that she was launching her own fashion line that would target women of all sizes. To date, Jackie Guerrido Jeans has been a hit. She likewise has another line called JG by Jackie Guerrido.


Melissa is a French news anchor who was voted as the world’s most beautiful news reporter. No wonder! With her alluring physique and sexy voice, one could not help it if they started going off to a daydream while watching this beauty. She was born on July 18, 1978. She has a bachelor's and master's degree in Journalism. She started as a news reporter in 2002 and later on she made it big and became a newscaster, then a TV show host.

This pretty lady took the internet by storm when fans started uploading video compilations of her. This got her to be voted as the voted her the world's most beautiful news reporter of Daily Express in 2006. In 2007, she was voted as "TV's sexiest news anchor" by Maxim's U.S. voters. Likewise during the same year, she nailed a spot in France's FHM list of most beautiful women.

Her personal life wasn't always smooth sailing. During one instance, a French tabloid published photos of her topless at a beach. Likewise, her photos were illegally used on scam websites promoting health treatments and the like. But of course, things have changed since then. She's now happily married and with two kids.