The Most Effed Up Things By Disney

)  Talk about pitching a tent in The Emperor’s New Groove.

When you think of Disney, you think of family oriented fare, right?  Their cartoons and animated movies are always fun to watch, bringing out the kids in adults, and allowing children to have themselves a good time.  However, even adults can’t miss out on certain moments that just may make them think twice about what they’re seeing on screen.  Seriously, it doesn’t really take much of a genius to figure out that the animators at Walt Disney Studios were blatantly trying to say something, and these are just a few of the things we found rather amusing (or scary).

)  Mushu just happens to be an unknowing pervert.



)  When you got a character from Dumbo named after the Jim Crow Laws, it kind of makes you raise an eyebrow.

)  The Skeleton Dance, giving children nightmares since its release.


)  Timon and Pumbaa were actually watching Simba and Nala engage in foreplay.  Yes, that’s the darn truth.  Accept it.


)  You may have been too young to realize that this scene from The Great Mouse Detective is essentially a striptease.