Meaningful Street Art Captured on Camera

) 20/20 vision, much?


)  Even as the leaves fall, there’s always another day to bring back the glory of the summer.



)  Because we make the streets our home.


)  It takes that long to reach Paradise, apparently.

Ephemeralism is referred to as something that isn’t meant to be permanent.  When you see things such as walls being torn down, buildings being renovated and even what seemed like permanent fixtures being given overhauls, things are seen in a whole new light.  However, ephemeralism can still be turned into art, just like how Milan-based artist Fra.Biancoshock does it.  With a more satirical perspective on things, he definitely invokes double takes from people passing by. You can clearly see that for yourself in some of his works below.

)   Nothing beats going the natural route, after all.


)  When the cracks begin to show, no amount of healing can ever change the hurt that has been inflicted.